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All in favor of a ‘people cannon’?

“Car Cannon”

As a city resident, this is the perception. A daily bombardment of cars & SUVs into the city. The result is a decrease in property values, increased infrastructure costs and more and more public space devoted to cars.

I’d much prefer to have the perception below:

“People Cannon”

Too much of our public space and resources go towards serving the automobile. Yes, this is a current necessity as cars move people;  they just don’t do it as efficiently as we need. They also detract from the core purpose of the city: social interaction and efficiency of proximity.

What is the city for?

NOTE: “Car cannon” adapted from Wednesday night’s presentation by Ian Lockwood. “People cannon” created in response. No person was or will be injured in the production of this cartoon and any resemblance of real people is unintended. (cartoons attempted by Gary L Howe)


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