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The true patriot knows how to cross the road

Scenes from the Blue Angel event

A Patriot: How to effectively command a crosswalk. (photo: Gary L Howe)

Stuck on the island: not quite enough for critical mass. (photo: Gary L Howe)

Biking to watch war planes...not sure if that equals out. (photo: Gary L Howe)

All getting along. Is it only war planes that can bring us together? (photo: Gary L Howe)

EXTRA: A short video of the Oak St. crosswalk at Grandview. I watched it for about 30 minutes and I was impressed with the courtesy of most drivers and pedestrians. There were exceptions, but overall, not bad. (b+ for everyone).

As the first image (above) shows, a lot of social negotiation was occurring and it didn’t hurt to have thousands of pedestrians crossing the entire length of the parkway. Safety and convenience in numbers.

(Adjust your volume down, as it was windy)


  1. JohnRobertWilliams
    July 7, 2010 at 9:10 am

    Gary, I feel this business of us as humans getting around is all about respect. Think of the cad who ran wildly down the school halls knocking everyone about….it was an early form of road rage (hall rage?).

    There IS a shift drivers take once behind the wheel. Drivers suddenly are more “focused”, (stressed?) to “get someplace” as quickly as possible….it’s part of the stress of driving, versus walking/cycling. Drivers, shielded in their grossness of overmass of steel, feel they are the “kings of the road”, able to push, force, take advantage of “pawn” cyclists/pedestrians. It’s as though the car/truck driver “feels more ownership” of the road than the unprotected foot powered. Why? Where in our past did the collective notion that once “behind the wheel”, we had the go-ahead to take over the road? I don’t ever recall city streets becoming the private domain of lazy motorists…(have you noticed how fat most of them are? It’s GROSS!)

    As I cycle around town, the disregard motorists show toward cyclists through animosity, cutting me off, gassing it, etc., is amazing…I AM lower than dirt to them…as though “I cant afford a car, so get out of my way!” (I keep my very nice work truck parked in the garage…so far this year, I’ve filled it twice). Somewhere, somehow, we all walk…even if it’s to the garage. We all have the same basic rights and our safety needs to be respected. How do we get drivers to start thinking and being courteous to other humans? Traverse City has some of the WORST, unskilled drivers I have ever witnessed….is it because they are so fat and lazy?…and I have traveled a lot! Rage against the drivers will only incite a war.

    We need a kinder, gentler, more courteous driver….any thoughts or ideas how to accomplish this? Do we reduce all the speed limits in town to 25 and enforce it? It’s the base we need to start from if we are going to get ANYWHERE with progress in transportation. It’s about respect and right now, motorist have very little respect for those outside of a car. Thank you for your daily posts!

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