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Bearing witness, architecture photography, bike chatter and upcoming events

Currently, I’m on a great American road-trip to points east: Montreal, Vermont and the Bronx. The hypermiling goal is 45mpg for the 2100 mile journey. Montreal and New York are both leading cities in-terms of creating bicycle & pedestrian infrastructure, so I’m excited to see what they’ve done. Large cities do have advantages over our little region, namely density, but we can still learn. We have some advantages of our own.

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Weekly Chatter

  • Always worth highlighting, Enrique Peñalosa speaks with Yes! Magazine about creating lively public spaces: “it doesn’t cost anything to dream. So I say let’s play. Let’s just imagine how you want your home to be. How you want your kids to live. Do you want to walk or drive to get bread? That’s the basis of thinking about cities.”
  • Terry Tempest Williams, on bearing witness to the gulf oil spill. In the article she quotes oil-spill and oceanic protection expert, Burr Heneman’s comments on the recent spill. “This is going on all the time somewhere in the world. We have a short memory, but it is important to remember oil spills are not just an American phenomenon, but a global one.”

A lot of bicycle chatter

  • Did you hear about the proposed U.S. bike route running across the state? Bicycle Route 20 promises to be a 310-mile route from south of Detroit that goes north, and then west to Ludington. Learn more about the U.S. Bicycling Route system.

To wrap, this trailer for VISUAL ACOUSTICS, a film that “celebrates the life and career of Julius Shulman, the worlds greatest architectural photographer.” A lot of the architecture we cherish has an impact greater than its own footprint; its impression influences the public space around it, as well as our understanding of our shared space. And, in an argument that a photographer loves to hear, our understanding wouldn’t be as valuable without great iconic images.

The film is available on Netflix

Have a weekend.

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