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Open air table tennis, parking, parkland, road rage and other chit-chat

Weekly Chatter

  • The Glen Arbor Sun covers the surfacing debate about the future Sleeping Bear Heritage multi-use trail: To pave or not to pave. After riding on some crushed limestone paths in Montreal, I see their potential, but it’s never that easy.
  • Uhg award: Another town is considering banning bicycles on most critical routes in St. Charles County in Missouri. Again, it’s safety concerns being used.
  • In a Record Eagle story about parking woes during the Cherry Festival, it takes the entire article to get to the obvious point: “There’s people driving around for hours. It’s pointless. What is the problem with walking?” Agreed. Buried in the story is the measly $5 ticket for illegal parking. $5? We got a $15 for parking overnight in front of my house! Come on DDA, raise your prices!
  • America Walk agrees with the idea of walking, obviously, and their latest calls for a Pedestrian Movement. The focus on walking, something we call do, seemed to be overlooked in the Nimble Cities awards over at slate: narrow cars, smart Buses and bike networks aren’t a bad start though.

“For the individuals who shift from car to bicycle, we estimated that beneficial effects of increased physical activity are substantially larger (3 – 14 months gained) than the potential mortality effect of increased inhaled air pollution doses (0.8 – 40 days lost) and the increase in traffic accidents (5 – 9 days lost). Societal benefits are even larger due to a modest reduction in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and traffic accidents.

To wrap, Ping-Pong (乒乓球): I played a lot of outdoor ping-pong while living in China. The concrete or stone tables are everywhere and when no net is available, bricks are usedPing! push in London was started to get people playing table tennis in a lead-up to the 2012 Olympics, even installing a table in Heathrow airport’s terminal 3.  A Michigan based company out of Alpena is now developing tables for the European and American markets. The company, called Henge, installed Ann Arbor’s first table at the Huron Valley Swim Club and in addition to other venues in America. 

What do you think? Anyone interested? Something to pursue for a Traverse City park? Where?

And to show that these are more than single use items, the owner of Henge, Alan Good demonstrates another use.

Correction: Originally mentioned that Henge was participating in the Ping! program London. That wasn’t correct and has been changed.


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