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Couldn’t we accomplish more if we didn’t work?

NOTE: Are you feeling the schedule crunch? Do you sense a surplus of events, actions and stuff to pay attention to, participate in and in general ‘do’? Here at MyWHaT, we promote a Take Back Your Time approach. It’s better for us all if more people accepted that they can’t do it all. As said before, a basic rule for everyday: cancel one thing on the to-do list, everyday. Doesn’t matter whether if it’s big or small. It will all even out in the end. You’ll be more effective and our public space will have one less stressed out person.


Now that the disclaimer is out-of-the-way, here are some upcoming events/actions/issues to schedule beach and hammock time around:

  • Michigan By Rail Public Forum (Thursday July 22 • 7-9PM @ Civic Center): Did you participate in the Grand Vision workshops? This forum will be similar and participants will be asked to draw the vision for Michigan’s future railway network. Where do you want to go by rail? Grand Rapids? Ann Arbor? This is an excellent opportunity, because the federal transportation department is asking MDOT to update it’s 35-year-old rail plan through the The federal Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008.
  • Walking Audit Observational Walk of Division St. (Friday July 23 • 8AM @ Veteran’s Park): We complain about it all the time, but what is it about the Division St. corridor that really bothers us? Let’s walk it together & find out. Bring a clipboard, your favorite writing utensil & a coffee mug (Higher Grounds coffee provided). It’s not required, but if you can make it, please leave a comment or RSVP via email. It’s a mile long, so a two mile walk is expected. It should take an hour to an hour and half. (Early morning time is to witness the street at one of its busiest times, sorry to the late risers.)
  • Modern Roundabout Presentation (Monday July 26 • 4-6:30PM @ Hagerty Center): MyWHaT has provided tons-o-resources about the modern roundabout, including a map of Michigan’s Roundies. TC is stepping-up the effort to educate & ease the predictable skepticism. With the help of area agencies, the city has invited engineer Ian Lockwood from AECOM, to provide insight about roundabouts. This is a free educational presentation, including input from MDOT, about the benefits and issues around the modern roundabout. Later in the evening, he will be presenting to the TC City Commission.
  • Auto*mate, a dangerous doc at TCFF (Saturday July 31 • 6PM @ Milliken Auditorium): The Traverse City Film Festival is an excellent celebration of public space. The number of people who spend the entire week downtown is astounding. MyWHaT wants to point out one film in particular, Auto*mate which details the movement in Prague to reclaim the streets. described by the film as “an initiative created as a call to arms for the citizens of Prague to band together for a healthier and livelier city.” There’s talk of a group ride along Front St./US-31 to the film. Get your tickets, more info to come.

I probably missed something. Feel free to chime in with an addition with a comment.


  1. Kate
    July 20, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Count me in for Friday’s Division St. walk. I cross it on foot almost every morning, and would love to discuss!

  2. Sharon Flesher
    July 21, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    I have tickets to Auto*Mate. This reminds me, the college is a place that could use lots more bike parking. I suppose I’ll be locking mine to a tree at Auto*Mate.

  3. July 21, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    TCFF should have some special bike parking going on…I’ll ask.

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