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You take up too much space!

A passing thought

I was dreaming about a getting a cargo bike. A dutch model. Then I had this thought.

What if 100 or 200 of us chose to ride these front bucket bicycles in Traverse City. That’d be enough for us to be seen everywhere. I suspect, we’d occasionally be considered a nuisance.

We’d take up more space on the road. We’d take more space parking.

Where would we park? On the sidewalk? In the street? In a parking deck slot?

There would be many people outright annoyed; they would even tell us so. I can hear it now, “real nice. Do you have to block people from getting somewhere? Do you have to take up so much space? Park over there! Get off the street! Get off the sidewalk!

Then, they’d get back into their sport utility vehicle, empty except for a bag of milk, bread and packaged cookies.

They’d drive away. Oblivious.

Reclaim the streets, beginning with your own.


  1. Curtis Cummins
    July 27, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    If you pedal, I’d love to hang out in the front coach!

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