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Pay the meter, make it a park: PARK(ing) in Traverse City

Take back your time, take back your space.

A small band of us held the summer’s first PARK(ing) celebration in downtown Traverse City this morning. Inspired by the international movement PARK(ing) Day, we thought it was time to utilize more of the public right-of-way for human enjoyment instead of car storage. We did well. In the same amount of space typically dedicated to a car, we had a dozen people participate, even if just for a moment, and still room for our bikes, house plants, seating, table and snacks.

And it only cost $2. Cheap.

We honored the two-hour parking limit and paid our full share (minus the free half-hour). We played checkers, ate cookies, some of us worked using a nearby wi-fi and generally, we sat around and people watched. All what you’d expect people do in parks.

PARK(ing) Images

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This was easy. Anyone can do it. We weren’t bothered by anyone at all. There will be more. Ideas for next time: ping pong, a carpet of sod, a kiddy-pool and more dog biscuits.

Parting shot

Many asked how you get house plants & such downtown without a car. You do it quite easily.

Bill “No Spill” Palladino has two videos up on YouTube: “Choosing A Space and Claiming It” and “Liberal Interpretation of the Michigan Penal Code.” (I lost in the end).

What kind of park could you make?


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