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Food & biking, what else do you want?

Plug for Tour de Tart

tour de Tart

A couple share a light moment & snack at the first food stop in 2009. (Photo Gary L Howe)

The 2009 Tour de TART was my first experience with the event. It sent me on a quest for combining food and biking , which I have tried to live up to this past year (See Below for Will Bike to Food written for Edible Grande Traverse, Fall 2009).

2010 is the 10th year of the event and it happens tonight. If you’re not registered, there is still an opportunity. The ride begins between 4pm and 6:30 and is a one-way, 19 mile ride from Traverse City following the Leelanau trail to Suttons Bay’s marina park for an assortment of food. There are also food breaks along the route. It’s a casual, festive, social ride.

And, feel free to stuff yourself, because TART provides a bus ride, with your bike, back into Traverse beginning at 7PM. The course starts at the EuroStop Cafe at the old railway depot.

For more information, visit TART’s website or call 231.941.4300.

Riders of all ages & abilities end up in Suttons Bay for a meal in the park. (photo: Gary L Howe)

Full Disclosure: TART Trails is an underwriter of MyWHaT and I have a fondness for consuming happy calories, like ice cream, after a long bike ride.


Will Bike for Food, Fall 2009

(digital proof quality)

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