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This forgotten section of Division St. needs some love

As a community, can we do better?

Looking north at Randolph and Division St. on the east side. Wide open, broken sidewalk, a car-lot, and the Elk’s Club’s back-end leave little to be desired for communicating this is a place for people. Yet, around the corner is a bakery, a bank, a party store, a restaurant and across the street, the Dairy Lodge.

A broader view. (click to enlarge)

A social trail is well worn on the east side of Division St. It continues all the way to Grandview.

2011 could see some improvements along this corridor. What those improvements entail will largely be up to community residents’ persistence. A list of small requests, things like a beautification project in the stretch shown above, has been sent to the city. These projects won’t fix the entire street, but they should help.

  1. Doug Spence
    August 18, 2010 at 11:49 am

    I often see bikers riding through the sand and grass en route to get to the corner lights so they can hit the TART. Great Post! I agree TC can do better!! Let’s get it done!

    There are too many L shaped side walk corners along streets in this city that do not allow a bikeable exit from the corner. All corners should be “+ ” shaped to allow for exit away from the road.

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