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Bike festival, why dirt roads, a real oil spill…The Weekly Chatter

(photo Jan-Michael Stump/Record-Eagle)

The Third Coast Bicycle is set to begin this Sunday, August 22 and will continue with events throughout the week.  The festival has a little something for all types of velophiles, including lycra clad road racing/rides, fixed gear sprints/hill climbs, Two Wheel Technique‘s “fun cruise around town”, film night at the State Theatre and a plethora of other events. Suggestion for next year: A Tweed Ride. Hopefully, the Old Town Crit & won’t be in a torrential downpour like 2009.

www.TCBikeFest.org for the schedule.

Weekly Chatter

  • Cyclists are better shoppers! The adage that “vitality of commercial enterprises = access by car” is out-of-date.

    Out of the bikelane, dude! (via a MyWHaT reader)

  • There’s nothing wrong with dirt roads. Why the current underfunded roadways are not an emergency and reflective of a “paving binge for the last 50 years” by the federal, state & local road agencies.
  • Lessons learned from a town planner. “Mostly, the work I was asked to undertake largely focused on making cars happy…I was obligated to tell developers they must provide a huge amount of parking.

From Twitterville:

To wrap, more love for Montreal. Not only is it an excellent place to develop appreciation for sharrow use, it’s also a great place to bike around for a morning. It’s even one of the top 5 cities to ride around in style, at least according to girlsgetaway.com. You don’t even need to take a bike as Montreal’s Bixi Bike is easy, inexpensive and everywhere. The following tourism video sells it well, follow Tammy:

Have a weekend.

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