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Calling it Friday, Driving 20, MDOT Input, Burning Man & More, Much More

Calling it Friday and Surfing Chicks & Bikes on the Hammock.

Today I’m bringing you the chatter and then unplugging for a four-day hiatus from MyWHaT. I may post a few Tweets or posts on Facebook, but the next post will be on Tuesday. Come visit me on the front porch or wherever my hammock ends up.

There’s plenty here today, so I think you will have plenty to read.

Weekly Chatter


Seeking comment, support & ideas! People, Roads & Rail

  • MODT taking comment on State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)…The introduction to this is telling, as they are whining about $$$. Despite costs, the agency still promotes new, wider and single use dedicated roads.


Yeah, it's a BLOG I visit: Chicks & Bikes

  • Californian walkers getting extra time to cross intersections. The clock is ticking. Still, isn’t 3.5 mph fast for a grandma?


20-mph is Just Fine

To wrap, 20-mph is fast enough for me, you and everyone. Cities are finding that 20-mph through neighborhoods reduce crashes and fatalities, and create for better places. And, the beauty of it, motorists still get to where their going without the world blowing up. What they’ve discovered in the UK is that not only do the streets become safer for all users, but traffic actually becomes more efficient. The following StreetFilm’s video explores the concept with the UK’s 20’s Plenty for Us campaign, Rod King.

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