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Who would walk to schools or the beach anyway?

Spotted: Social Trails

A couple MyWHaT fans spotted this well-worn social trail at the base of Old Mission Peninsula along Eastern Ave. It’s a block from the high school, 2 blocks from the elementary school and 3 blocks from NMC. I know of one long-time instructor who used to walk it everyday. It is also a connector from the neighborhoods to Bryant Park.  Who would want to walk to any of these places?

While she was there, she reports that she “saw several walkers (talking on cell phone and another walking and carrying his dogs, haha) and cyclers and they all had to be on the road with with the cars. The dog was smart and used the social trail.

There is a wide shoulder along Center Rd., but the high number of active people along this route seems to beg for something.

REMINDER: Are you seeing social trails in Traverse City? The city engineer is currently collecting data on the existing sidewalk network (or lack thereof) and has asked for help in spotting social trails. The social trails will help prioritize where the city constructs sidewalks for the coming decade.  If you want to send comment with a location, I will get an image and send it on to the city engineer. Or, send an image and description to him and the city planner directly (copy MyWHaT as well so we can keep a running list).

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