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Park Portrait: Another City Park Off the Radar

Park Portrait: Park “C”

Park “C”; is one of Traverse City’s most underplayed & forgotten city owned parks. It’s tiny at only .1 acres. It also doesn’t have a sign and it’s fence blends in with the adjacent property’s fence so it’s easy to go right past it. It is, however, right on East Bay and is a perfect setting for a sun or moon rise. The small park sits on a steep bank at the Brichwood Ave. at the Kewaunee Dr. intersection.

The neighborhood appears to get a lot of use out of the park as there are beach chairs set around a ‘non-conforming’ fire-pit next to the water. These types of parks are mainly planned for neighborhood use, but they are open to everyone. The next time you’re out on a ride, walk or looking for a place to eat lunch, visit Park “C”. There isn’t much more relaxing than the sound of waves lapping against the shore.

* Reminder, a map of all 34 city parks is available at the government center. You can also view and download a digital version at the MyWHaT Scribed site.

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  1. tschmidt
    September 10, 2010 at 8:04 am

    thanks for this, ride by it all the time and never knew, we like new places…

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