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This Wednesday PARK(ing) Set to Happen Again

Saturday Announcement

PARK(ing) in Traverse City is on for this coming Wednesday (Sept. 15th) from 10-2PM.

This is an organically organized event with a tiny head calling it into action, so self-organized groups/people are encouraged to make it their own. Please, invite others. This is a great opportunity for local organizations and businesses to Take Back Your Time and have a staff outing. Lighten up!

Wednesday Sept. 15th 10-2pm
Front St. (a group will be meeting at the Cass St./Front St. intersection at 10AM)
Plan a parklet in the space of a parking space. Pay the meter, make a park. Bring your quarters.

Need inspiration? I posted images and descriptions of TC’s previous Park(ing) earlier this summer. Included in those posts is this video that does a great job of explaining the concept: PARK(ing) Day: User-Generated Urbanism

The act is the message. The simple act of walking or driving by a converted parking space, full of people enjoying space that was designated singly for car-use, is enough to raise the curiosity level.

Feel free to create as beautiful message as you want. Visual Inspiration Can be Found at: http://my.parkingday.org/photo/photo/list

Have a question? Leave a comment or send an email.

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