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Visiting the Country Club? Walking isn’t Encouraged.

Spotted: Social Trails

Below are more social trails depicting Traverse City’s incomplete streets sent last week by an anonymous reader. These images are from one of the forgotten edges of the city on south Union st., heading up the hill towards Boughey St. There is more traffic than one might expect here (1200-vpd) due to the Traverse City Golf and Country Club. Also of concern, due to the street width (36′) and terrain, are speeds higher than the posted 25-mph.

And, of course, the sidewalks that just end.

The contributor added a well detailed description of this site and the observations that he has seen. A few of his comments are below.

“Interestingly, this neighborhood, which is fully within the city limits, is also accessible from Veterans Drive via Boughey St., and this access-point for the neighborhood has its own set of dual sidewalks that end abruptly as they get to the substantial portion of the hill.  There are no social trails on the Veterans side, however, because most people just walk in the road.”

While this portion of Boughey & Union could do with some traffic calming measures, simply adding a sidewalk or two would do wonders for pedestrian safety. While the rest of the neighborhood (High St., Center St., etc.) is quite serene and does not suffer from the CC traffic issue, each of the streets always makes me feel like “sidewalks are missing”.

“To connect directly with central neighborhood at all, and the nice, sidewalked areas around 17th St., etc., any of these folks basically must walk directly in the road in order to get up and down the hill.  While the road is plenty wide enough to accommodate all these people (even at the same time, as I’ve witnessed more than once), it is not exactly comforting to the mother I saw with two kids in a stroller to have to push that thing up the hill with eager golfers zooming up the hill just a few feet to her left to get to the country-club.”

Hopefully, someday, the accessibility of this neighborhood will be improved such that travelers to and from the rest of the city can get there without needing to walk in the street in order to do so.

And winter walkability?


KEEP THEM COMING: Are you seeing social trails in Traverse City? The city engineer is currently collecting data on the existing sidewalk network (or lack thereof) and has asked for help in spotting social trails. The social trails will help prioritize where the city constructs sidewalks for the coming decade.  If you want to send comment with a location, I will get an image and send it on to the city engineer. Or, send an image and description to him and the city planner directly (copy MyWHaT as well so we can keep a running list).

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