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TC’s PARK(ing) Day Greeted with Mild Curiosity


Yesterday’s Traverse City version of PARK(ing) Day was successful. Meaning, those who participated had fun and those who passed by had something to ponder over lunch. That said, the most common reaction was indifference. Still, there were plenty of people who simply had to know what we were doing and one passerby even wondered if we were shooting a commercial. For the most part, there was wide support.

The city’s parking administrator stopped by to register his disapproval. He came with a lecture, more like banter bullet points, so full of holes it could fill the empty parking deck in Old Town. His basic misunderstandings were 1) that downtown is JUST a shopping mall (it’s a public space) and 2) that people need cars to get downtown to spend money.

We occupied at least 4 spaces, fully paid for, for close to 4-hours. Participants used the time to read, do work, socialize, eat lunch, golf, play the flute or play Chinese chess , Xiangqi (象棋). For the latter, we were actually fortunate to have Chinese tourists walk by just in time to set me straight on the rules. Thankfully, at least one of us knew Chinese.

Best of times and public space to all the people attending PARK(ing) events on Friday! To follow action from other Michigan cities, click-through to Let’s Save Michigan.

PARK(ing): Sites and sounds

In their parklet, Henry read up on the intricacies of the asphalt world while Jacqui was fluting. Bill Palladino pulled together some footage.

We were also honored by the presence of media icon Vic McCarty from vmacmedia turn-out with his video equipment in tow. Talent could have been better chosen, but the following piece is nicely done (Thanks Vic!).

Vic has a radio show too.

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