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Murder Over a Speed Hump, Mapping Road-Kill, A Mother’s Rant: The Weekly Chatter

Park It Here!

It’s been a week since Traverse City’s on street bicycle rack was installed in front of Cali’s Cottons; please use it and let others know about it. It’s an experiment and there are many of us who want to see more of these installed, as early as next year. There are even city staffers who want to see it continue–good people who need our support.

Many cities are realizing that bike parking is just as important as bike lanes and doing it really well, like this on-street rack in ChattanoogaThat one is even in a back-in parking slot.

Weekly Chatter

  • New cycling route from Michigan’s southwest to the UP will pass Traverse City. Input still sought for Route 35
  • Cambridge, MA is getting serious about Car Share!


To wrap, two films about bicycle commuters. One, from the acclaimed StreetFilms series how the increase in bicycle infrastructure and the institutional commitment of the bicycle as a solution has encouraged the indicator species, women, to ride more. The second, a similar short produced by a graduate student for his master’s thesis.

Women In Motion: New Lady Riders Reflect on NYC Cycling

Pedal Power Video

Have a Weekend!

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  1. tschmidt
    September 18, 2010 at 8:33 am

    gary do you who the cyclist in the sept 16th record eagle who i assumed has killed while riding his bike? big ad by ‘Q” on the opinion page.

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