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Power of Poop, Narrow Streets, Community Reslience and Taking the Bus: The Weekly Chatter

Park chatter: The ideas were flowing and the city’s future parkland and recreational opportunities never seemed better when a committed group of public space aficionados turned out for last night’s parks & recreation workshop. Thank you to everyone who came out!

Some quick results. People want to: walk/bike to all the parks (on trails & on streets); know where parks are located; see parks & recreation funded; see more multigenerational facilities, designs & programs; use a waste reduction program, which includes recycling; use & love the Boardman Lake & River more; and they liked the idea that publicly supported recreation begins the moment we step out the front door and that parks & recreation investment is an economic development tool.

These are certainly not the only ideas; there are plenty more. Come back next week for the online survey to submit your own comments.

Weekly Chatter

  • The five things most likely to cause injury to children ARE NOT the five things parents mostly worry about. The list is worth pulling out.
    • The Five Risks: car crashes, homicide (usually at the hands of someone they know), child abuse, suicide, drowning (CDC).
    • The Five Worries: kidnapping, school snipers, terrorists, dangerous strangers, drugs (Mayo Clinic).



To wrap, an image of Black Rock City from space during the Burning Man festival that ended Sept. 6th. The event transforms an otherwise non-built landscape in the desert into a city for 50,000 participants. As is obvious from the image (notice that wonderful network), there is extensive city planning going on and perhaps a lot to learn from for more permanent cities.  To boot, the city’s “leave no footprint” ethic is something all events should incorporate; by now, two weeks after the end, you wouldn’t be able to notice it ever occurred.

Have a weekend.

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