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Traverse City’s State Street at Human Scale

A final reminder for the week:


An observational walk along the downtown part of State Street is this afternoon at 4-pm.

It is an open invite, so if you can make it, bring a friend. If you can’t make it, send a friend. RSVP if you get a chance, or just meet us at Pine and Front St. at 4-pm.

The aim is to experience the corridor at the human scale and to generate observations of how the place operates for all users. In addition, the walk will provide a better understanding of the experience along the route; what kind of place is the corridor?

Although there is a tendency to jump to solutions (I know I go there quickly), the primary goal is to create a list of observations. However, because the DDA and the city are now considering a conversion back to a two-way street for State St., part of the walking discussion will take that issue into consideration, as well as the impact of the west Front Parking Deck.

Today • 4PM • Pine and Front St. intersection


Relevant MyWHaT reading:

The following video taken by Bill Palladino two year’s ago highlights the corridor from behind the handlebars. It was previously posted on MyWHaT and remains relevant.

See you at 4-pm! (Oh, don’t forget drinks after the walk).

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