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TC’s Funky St. To Get Facelift: Workshop Today • 3-6pm

Quick Announcement: The Downtown Development Authority is holding a workshop to gather comments on the design and public amenities for Garland Street. Garland is in Traverse City’s only funky district–labeled the Warehouse District.

DIY decorated parking spaces are just one funky character aspect of Garland St. that hopefully won't disappear.

The design of the street will largely be driven by the new hotel’s needs, although no one will likely admit that reality. This isn’t necessarily a negative as the hotel seems willing to apply a high-level of creativity and embrace the context of the space. For example, it will have underground parking at almost a minimum of it’s needs. Still, it’s a public street and the community has a role to play in shaping its design.

• The Garland Street Workshop •  3:00-6:00-pm in the space formerly occupied by Cuppa Joe’s Warehouse Lounge.

(Conveniently located next  to Right Brain Brewery)

According to the press release, the emphasis of the workshop will be on the following parameters:

  • Share the Street Design – Pedestrians, Bicycles, Vehicular Traffic
  • Wide spacious sidewalks
  • Minimal Curbs – provide maximum usable space for street events
  • Community Art incorporated in the project
  • Emphasize the character unique to Warehouse District
  • Provide on street parking (Charging I trust)
  • Provide community and activity space in the Garland Street ROW

Further questions, and I assume comments, can be directed to Garth Greenan, PE, of Greenan and Associates  garthg@greenanandassociates.com

NOTE: MyWHaT contributor Lee Maynard talked about community squares and spaces back in April, that is useful for inspiration, titled “Sense of place: Traverse City needs an ‘SOB Square“. In it she calls for Garland Street to become TC’s South of the Bay hip hangout.

NOTE II: Who else thinks it’s been too long since Lee contributed a post to MyWHaT?

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