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Love For Lansing, Cities, Transit, Custom Bicycles, TC’s Newest Twitterer…more

I’ll admit it, I might be the only one in town who doesn’t mind the higher prices charged for flying out of Cherry Capital Airport. I live 5-minutes from the terminal and much prefer that drive than the drive downstate; it’s worth the $.41 per mile avg fare.

But complaining about the cost of parking out there is just silly; $6.75/day is high? Really, that’s too high? The motorist entitlement is strong in this one. I was just commenting the other day how the airport is the only place in town that understands the true cost of parking; charge double.

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  • Declare your love city life with the U.S. Initiative by CEOs for Cities. Sign on to the declaration that sees opportunity, community, optimism, connectivity and livability as intrinsic values of The City.


To wrap, new study from the CEOs for Cities looks at the time wasted in traffic due to sprawl. The infographic looks at the 10 cities with the biggest waste of time. This has been known for a while now, but the second half of the title of the study is revealing Driven Apart: How sprawl is lengthening our commutes and why misleading mobility measures are making things worse. The successful places have “land use patterns and transportation systems” that enable shorter trips, reduce peak hour trips and offer a diverse set of mobility options.

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