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“Awesome!” LA Gets Into The CicLAvia Thing…TC?

Monday’s Quote

We’re alone in our cars. We pass above whole neighborhoods on freeways and never actually see them. Today, I’ve seen buildings I never took the time to lay eyes on before. Today gave people a chance to just slow down and it connected the neighborhoods of the city in a new way.”

~ Rafael Navar, participant in LA’s CicLAvia event

Known for its highways, 2 hour commutes and motor-vehicle congestion, Los Angeles turned away from all that this yesterday with its inaugural CicLAvia. By sheer numbers, it has to be considered a success with the L.A. Times reporting that over 100,000 people turned out to reclaim the streets.

The chatter on Twitter could be another measure of success. The far the most common phrase from tweets connected to the event are the words “awesome” and “wow!”Like this one by @dudeonabike, “Wow, just wow. This #CicLAvia thing is unbelievable–bikes, peds, people! Unbelievable. Everyone with a smile on their face. Best day in LA.

The tweets are still coming in at #CicLAvia. This time-lapse video, by wildbell, tours the 7.5 mile route.

Ciclovía, Spanish for “bicycle-path”, began in Bogotá, Colombia with a 7-mile route; Bogotá’s Ciclovía now happens every Sunday, attracts over a million people (every week) and the route now covers over 75 miles. There are plenty of other car-free events worldwide.

There has been talk of TC Ciclovia the past few years. It’s yet to materialize; do you think we are ready for some car-free Sundays?

A possible Traverse City route: The entire length of Woodmere Ave., west down 8th Street, Cass St. to State St. east along State St. to Railroad and back to Woodmere. (with an extra leg along Lake St. to Oryana thrown in).

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