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A Straight Up Plug For The Great Lakes Bioneers Conference

This weekend is the annual Great Lakes Bioneers conference on the campus of Northwestern Michigan College. Sunday, I’ll be a leading a workshop titled “Reclaiming Public Rights of Way.” It will be a fully participatory experience for sharing visions, perspectives and skills for designing the pervasive public space: our streets. It will involve crayons.

MyWHaT guest contributor Bill Palladino will also be presenting. His Friday workshop is titled, “Advocacy on the Verge: Affecting Change in Your Community.”

If you haven’t attended the conference before, the format is:

  • a morning of regional based keynotes/workshops
  • a lovely local lunch & networking
  • an afternoon of international plenary speakers beamed in from California
  • then an evening of food, art and partying

The theme for this year’s conference is governance, which at first doesn’t sound all that exciting, but is really one of the keys to moving beyond the status-quo on any number of issues. It doesn’t matter if it’s effective national policy on climate change, local ordinances on urban chicken raising or how we interact with our neighbors, effective governance is key. The Great Lakes Bioneers explains good governance as: “Good governance is participatory, consensus oriented, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective and efficient, equitable and inclusive, follows the rule of law and is responsive to the present and future needs of society. The Great Lakes Bioneers believe governance applies to families, community, governments, behives and owls.”

This year’s conference will explore this idea through a number of topics, like the transition town movement, green burials, education, intellectual ecology, impacting local government….and a lot more.

Download the program simply show up on Friday at 8:30AM or anytime  during the 3 day event.

What is Bioneers?

Bioneers is a non-profit organization based in New Mexico that provides a solution-based education and social connectivity. (www.bioneers.org). Each year, the Great Lakes Bioneers partners with this national organization and beams their speaker lineup into the Milliken Auditorium while packing the rest of the weekend with the best the Great Lakes has to offer.

Locally, the Conference is hosted by The Neahtawanta Research And Education Center, SEEDS -Ecology, Education and Design, and Northwestern Michigan College.

Dave Barron’s show Investigating Resilience is now completely online, and this interview with one of the Great Lakes Bioneers’ founding members, Bob Russell of the Neahtawanta Center, provides an excellent introduction to resilience and examples of poor and good governance. It’s a nice primer for the weekend.

Above graphic courtesy of anarchosyn


FULL DISCLOSURE: I serve on the board of the both hosting organizations SEEDs and the Neahtawanta Center, I’m an adjunct instructor at Northwestern Michigan College, and in general value the intelligence of non-humans when it comes to finding solutions to our environmental, technological and social issues.

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