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Cross Road To Access Sidewalk, If You Can

Spotted: Social Trail

This social trail is in a prime location for people wanting to walk. Located at the base of Old Mission Peninsula, it is adjacent to a neighborhood, Bryant Park, and a church.

It is also near Central High School, fast food joints and the ever popular Bardon’s ice cream shop. As well, downtown is merely a mile away; an easy walk once across m-37 and away from Front St.

At many points during the day, this stretch of M-37/Garfield Ave. is extremely busy with automobile traffic and the super wide 44′ wide street makes it an arduous crossing for people on foot. There is a sidewalk on the west-side.

The pedestrian crossing sign and the worn path going around it made by the foot traffic is a nice touch.

Verdict? Yeah, we can do better than this.



Are you seeing social trails in Traverse City?

The city engineer is currently collecting data on the existing sidewalk network and has asked for help in spotting social trails. The social trails will help prioritize where the city constructs sidewalks for the coming decade. If you want to send comment with the location & description, I will get an image and send it on to the city engineer & planner. Or, send an image and description to them yourself (copy MyWHaT as well so we can keep a running list.

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