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“Cars Are Essentially Illusion Factories”

Monday’s quote contemplated empathy’s role in governance and community building. One phenomena standing in the way of that personal expression is our devotion to the automobile. When we confine ourselves to mainly our transportation pods, we detach ourselves from our surroundings and are opportunity for empathy decreases.

Those are precisely the feelings felt by the NYTimes author reviewing Artist Lee Friedlander’s current photography book titled “America by Car.

Karen Rosenberg writes of the work, “cars distance people from one another, this series reminds us over and over.” Commenting on the series of specific images taken in the nation’s rust belt, she writes, “in almost every case the car is a kind of shield that deflects empathy.

“The car is a kind of shield that deflects empathy.”

Indeed, we’ve all felt it. We can see it everyday. Stand on any sidewalk and watch the people in cars. You’ll see it on their faces.

Friedlander’s show of 192 images is a now at the Whitney Museum in New York City.

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