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It’s Raining! Let’s Go Ride a Bike.

Marvelous Website Spotting

Let’s Go Ride a Bike is a website dedicated to “Life on two wheels: simple. stylish. fun.”

The creators are “2 woman, 2 cities, 2 wheels” from Nashville and Chicago. Their goal is to encourage more people, especially women to “to rediscover the joy of riding a bike.” Kudos to them! Trisha and Dottie, the creators, do this through beautiful imagery and stories, and accessible how to page. Getting on a bike is simple, but many of us have forgotten how easy it is. This is one of the most non-intimidating how to resources I’ve seen. They cover things like how to bike with a suit, carry a guitar, make fenders, to how to lead a group. In honor of the rainy day we’re having in Traverse City, below is the Commuting in the Rain video. It’s an intro, you can follow the link for the full how to cycle in the rain. Of course, you could just get on your bike and give it a try; you’ll learn.

Thanks for the tip, Lee!

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