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U.S. Bicycle Routes, Michigan Developments

Adventure Cycling has an update on U.S. Bicycle Routes running through Michigan. It includes a call out for Route 35 volunteers and even further progress about Route 20 running east-west through the lower peninsula’s mid section. Thanks to volunteers, all necessary “local agency resolutions of support” have been granted to move forward allowing MDOT to send an application to AASHTO for national designation of route 20.

Recently there was a meeting in Traverse City about the proposed Route 35, running north-south along Michigan’s west coast.  At the latest commission meeting, the Traverse City commission smartly supported a resolution to support Route 35, which will help set up the requirements for this route.

Once established, it won’t likely change anything on the ground for residents as the route will use the existing TART Trail system for the sections through the city. That said, once approved by the AASHTO process, citizens could use it as leverage for wider improvements-both locally and to attract outside help (read $$). The destination will be another reason for Traverse City to show up on maps and another reason for tourists to visit. Nationally, bicycle tourism is a $47-Billion business. With that comes expectations that our infrastructure, city-wide, clearly and unabashedly communicate that bikes belong. Good steps forward!

For more about the route system, visit U.S. Bicycle Route System 101.

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