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Bike-Man, Car-Bike, A Zen Fisherman, Street $$ and All That’s Fit For The Weekly Chatter

I’ve enjoyed the back-and-forth generated from this week’s post about the Grand Vision. The activity has helped illuminate different issues and ideas for moving forward--its certainly a subject worth picking up next week. I wish more would contribute, and to make it easier, you can send me an email and remain anonymous–no reason needed. The people most passionate about the process are often those who hold positions that don’t allow them to comment freely.

If you do post or send comments, I’ll read them on Monday. This weekend I’m unplugging and heading to divinity…yes, grabbing the beagles and heading to the U.P. Enjoy!

Weekly Chatter

  • Mixed emotions about the proposed pedestrian tunneldoes the Grand Vision include burying people & letting cars reign? More soon…

  • America Walks is looking for signatures: the Vision Statement. Appreciated: the connection to health: “Transportation and development design decisions will explicitly consider public health outcomes.” One reason why that’s important.


To Wrap

The separated bike lane project of Vancouver explains the need well. The difference between separated lanes and trails, is that the priority is transportation, not recreational mixed use. The goal is helping people feel comfortable enough to ride their bikes wherever they need to go. The acceptance of experimentation in the introductory video below is refreshing. And, having used them before, I really appreciate the bike boxes used to ease left turns. Dreaming of places for these in TC…8th street anyone? State St.? E. Front? Garfield?…

Have a weekend!

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