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Keep That Seat Warm: Winter Cycling Follow-Up

Poll Results

by Teppo via Flikr

There isn’t much we can tell for certain from last week’s winter cycling poll as 27 responses is simply too few. I hazard to guess that the “Enthusiastic: Everyday baby! I have places to be” responses (63%) dominated because winter riders are a little excited anticipating real winter & more apt to represent.

A lingering question is, who among the MyWHaT readership are not winter riders and chose not to answer because you felt that the poll wasn’t for you? (It was meant to be.)

We had one comment calling for absolute abstinence on last week’s winter riding post, but my suspicion is that many people are interested in riding on, at the least, the more pleasant winter days, if only they had friends to ride with. That’s why the responses to question number 2 are intriguing; 67% of the 27 are interested in a winter cycling skills class. I think that can be arranged; once we get some snow and ice, we will see what happens.

In the meantime, don’t let your seat get too cold.


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