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Video: The Effin’ Standards Need A Rewrite (Talking With Your Engineer)

Video Tuesday

What’s the goal? Smooth, speedy traffic? Or, kids playing in the neighborhood? This Xtranormal video captures a conversation that happens everyday in a city/neighborhood near you. It happens in Traverse City everyday as well and it is utterly frustrating. The babble of idiocracy must be confronted. If your eyes roll-over at first…welcome to my world.

via Strong Town BLOGS to exhibit what they call the “riddle of self-reinforcing “logic”.

As the author at Strong Town writes, it’s a phenomenon of “A justifies B. B justifies C. Then C justifies A and the process starts all over. None of it makes sense and none of it could stand on its own without this nonsensical, circular reasoning.”


Commentary: I’m trying hard to stay engaged with city planning, despite conversations often ending up eerily similar to the one in the video. The inertia of history is strong and the idea that we might apply different priorities to our streets and public spaces hasn’t been fully embraced, to say it nicely. I’m not sure if it ever will, but for now I’m committed to learning the language and how to better engage the transportation agencies in my life. (A Citizens Guide to Better Streets: How to Engage your Transportation Agency)

Tomorrow, in another step towards this goal, I’ll be attended the Michigan Planners Association’s Transportation Bonanza…oooh, aaah. (I‘ve gone off the deep end.)

What do I hope to learn? How to express what I think Traverse City needs and to cut-through the babble of standards and guidelines, grants, stimulus money & arbitrary time-line restrictions that are continually placed in the way of progressive design of public space.

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