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To GT County: Thank You For Shoveling The Social Trails

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I’m posting this image to give credit where credit is due. The county run Civic Center not only impressively plows the mile-long track (often long before even my street has been plowed), but at several points along the perimeter they make the extra effort to hand shovel the minor entrances that many people use. This one is located near the corner of Titus Ave. and Fair St.

Another example is just north at a BATA stop across from Beadle St. (below) and there are several others around the perimeter.

Not really a social trail, but since I’m giving kudos, the Civic Center’s north entrance by the college’s main entrance was widened this year. It’s been much appreciated.

Thank you for that, too.

  1. Bob Otwell
    December 10, 2010 at 9:21 am

    Kudos rightly deserved by GT County for the extra care they give the Civic Center trail in the winter. One of the few places in TC where you can walk, run or bike on clean pavement during the winter (other than, of course, our major highways that are beautifully clean).

    I would like to add a whole bunch of social trails that we will have for the next 3 or 4 months. Trails and sidewalks that were paved and accessible a week ago, are now snow covered and treacherous. A few examples: I walked through knee deep snow on the TART Trail earlier this week over Murchie bridge where the trail passes over the Boardman River. In addition, the heavily utilized Boardman Lake Trail bridge is now tough going. Kudos to the city for periodically clearing city sidewalks and some trail sections. Hopefully, Traverse City citizens will eventually demand care of these facilities equal to our city streets and auto parking lots.

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