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Monthly Poll: Your 2011 Transportation Priorities


Semi-Monthly Poll

Not every month, but often enough, we like to run an online poll. We’re fully aware that these aren’t scientific and that online polls from a signal website tend to attract mainly those more inclined towards the issue. For example, it’s pretty clear that the respondents to December’s poll were pretty excited about winter biking and wanted everyone to know it. I don’t for moment believe that 63% of us are enthusiastic about winter cycling. It’s cold out there!

Still, we move on. Polls are fun snapshots.

Who Sets Personal Transportation Priorities? We do.

This month’s poll asks you to rank a set of priorities for 2011. Once you’ve finished, you can download a PDF version of the poll to keep somewhere as a reminder. I foresee someone finding a complete poll somewhere in June or July, getting excited that they stuck to their self-pledge and sending us a message bragging about the success.


(Poll will pop-up)


Please first Take the poll online. Then download (PDF) for your records. We will report back some results in a week or so. Please share!

See it before you down load it on Scribd.


Your Comments Matter

Comments: we welcome your comments, please don’t be shy. The more questions, perspectives and general participation we have here the better. What’s on your mind?

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