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Connecting With People & Governance

Monday’s Quote

We have to get back to the premise of leadership.

The people. The People. The People.”

~ Chairman of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, Derek Bailey.

His comments were made during his keynote address at the 2010 Great Lakes Bioneers Conference where he shared the stage with Traverse City Mayor Chris Bzdok on the topic of Participating in Governance (video). The chairman continued to ask for more intimacy in governance–“connecting with individuals”– in a forum in the Record Eagle last week. A reconstruction of the Mayor’s comments are on the Plan for TC website.

It’s a sound vision and a two-way street. People have asked me what they can do to be involved and one good way, is to invite a local official out to lunch, coffee or, if you are so inclined, a beer. If they understand their role, and have time, they will jump at the opportunity.

Local government’s true power shines when it’s focus is in building relationships. Relationships between individuals as well as the relationships with the community. How we build our public spaces symbolizes our level of achievement in this regard.

Build it for people.

Remarks at the 2010 Great Lakes Bioneers Conference


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