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A Chopstick Tree, Road Diet Ho!, No Pants Day, Survey Results…The Weekly Chatter

The transportation goals online survey is officially closed. You were asked to finish the sentence: In 2011, I intend to _________ .

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The answers provided were written to give options for anyone from the die-hard car-less to the everyday, out-of-my-way motorists. They were also written for flexibility & forgiveness. If anyone printed out the question for a mid-year reminder, it will be interesting to hear back from you in July. Are you really consciously reducing your trips?

The results vary, but clearly the highest priority involves getting on a bike followed by reducing trips, walking, driving less and then using transit. Despite that order, the most appreciated comment was: “Taking this poll inspired me to try transit next time I go to Home Depot etc.

We’re glad to help. Go forth and do what you can.

Weekly Chatter

Things that caught my eye this week, in somewhat of a relational order…but not really.

“The unfortunate upshot is that the high priority placed on accommodating vehicles over other forms of transportation has in many cases backfired. The extra lanes have produced, at best, only short-term improvements in traffic flow due to the ever-increasing number of vehicles.”


  • RT (@MDNRE) Support outdoor recreation in Michigan! When you renew your license plate tabs, check YES to the Recreation Passport.
  • RT (@OTREC) What if we just stopped building freeways? New report finds we’d get around better for less money.
  • RT (@joelga)8th St observation: 25-mph on the 4 lane section seems slow, 25-mph on the 2 lane part feels just right. Road diet anyone? #tvc

To Wrap

Oops, missed the No Pants Day last Sunday. Proper attire not required. Did anyone join in from NW Lower Michigan?

Have a weekend!

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