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Compulsion, Curiosity And Coffee…Only Go So Far

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I’m often asked:

  • How do you keep MyWHaT going?”
  • “Are you making any money doing this?”

The answer to the first question is  the 3-C’s: Compulsion, Curiosity and Coffee.

Of course, the 3-C’s ebb and flow in terms of intensity. At times, a perspective simply NEEDS to be put into the public realm, other times there’s not much going and it’s larger questions that I’m exploring and sometimes…sometimes I’ve just had too much coffee. Luckily, for the latter, I have a hook-up from my original underwriter Higher Grounds Trading Co.

As for the question of money…honestly, this was more of a concern from some MyWHaT readers than it has been for myself. They know who they are and they have been seriously pestering me about a business plan since 2-weeks into the project. I listened, a little, and sought out a handful of champion underwriters for the inaugural year of MyWHaT.

A large THANK YOU to Higher Grounds, McClain Cycle & Fitness, Erway Graphic Design, Krios Consulting, TART Trails, and the Michigan Land Use Institute.

There were also several private supporters that all contributed.  THANK YOU to everyone who contributed (or even sent supportive thoughts)!

It’s true, there are costs associated to maintain the BLOG, as well as costs to attend conferences/trainings, join professional organizations and in general pay for research & development not readily available (libraries help, but books are nice to own, I have a book wishlist).

I’ve actually lost count of the hours spent working on the BLOG because as a freelance photographer & writer my work life & non-work life already had melded together. I take a more philosophical perspective of work that’s more in line with the poet Gary Snyder’s view that work, the Real Work, iswhat is to be done” and it’ll drive you nuts if you count the hours spent. I might be able to measure it in happy hour pints, but would have to do the math.

There’s Work To Be Done, With Your Help

Regardless, there is a lot of work to be done to develop a community reflective of our values and vision. For Traverse City, I don’t believe that vision is wider roads and ever-increasing amounts of single occupant vehicles running amok through our neighborhoods. When presented with the right question, I don’t believe it’s many other people’s vision either. The goal of this BLOG is to first celebrate the commons. Then, it is to inform and help engage people on issues related to making Traverse City, NW Lower Michigan and points further afield great places to live.

This is a long way to say: I’m looking for underwriters. February 3 is the lunar new year and I’ll be reaching out before then to current underwriters and potential underwriters for year-long commitments. I’ll also be running a reminder at the bottom of daily posts for the month.

Underwriters may use the MyWHaT PayPal account, fill out a Underwriter Form to mail or send me a message to meet over coffee and discuss options (see the form below)–terms can be creative; I take Baybucks, bartering and pledges. If you’re interested in underwriting, or know someone who might be, use the form below to send me a message.

If you’d rather remain anonymous (publicly) or make a personal donation, PayPal is by far the best method, however, I always enjoy meeting people over coffee, beer or good food.

OK, that was my public ask…It didn’t hurt too bad.

“Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.”

— Gary Snyder

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