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Well Put: From “The War On The Carless”

Monday’s Quote Well Put

If there was ever a “war” involving cars, it ended long ago, and cars won.”

~ By David Roberts, in The War On the Carless


Roberts’ editorial is more than what you’d expect after reading this one sentence. Focusing on Seattle, it’s a reflective look at the ongoing discussion taking place all over the world. It’s informative and loaded with useful links, including this counter editorial.

The full paragraph to the above quote:

“If there was ever a “war” involving cars, it ended long ago, and cars won. Their dominance has been so total for so long that we’ve come to think of public spaces designed to accommodate two-ton vehicles as the default state of affairs. The public, including the poor and working-class who are most likely to rely on public transit, massively subsidizes roads and parking. Even the most marginal efforts to charge drivers for the services they enjoy (with, say, parking fees) is greeted as an act of hostility.”

Remind yourselves of this tomorrow.

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FYI: Monday’s Quote Series is now the Well Put series.

  1. JohnRobertWilliams
    January 31, 2011 at 8:25 am

    On an additional front of this world war, “drivers” chit-chatting away whist attempting to “drive”, are daily pulling out from stop signs into my path as I pedal about town. Texters proved they were not capable of multi-tasking behind the wheel. It’s tough to NOT see me, as I have a headlight, flashers front and back, (even in the daylight) and dressed up like a Metro Fire Truck. Face it, you are a lousy “driver” already. Distracted blabbing, especially at stop signs, leaves you blindly pulling the trigger on pedestrians and cyclists. No Life is worth the crash from your pathetic lack of respect for your incompetence behind the wheel. Just Hang Up. Don’t Answer. Or it’s BANG! (can we say Tuscon?)

  2. February 1, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    When you are in the ‘car world’, it really is hard to see how tilted everything is toward that reality. But when you take the unusual action of stepping outside of “Autocentria” it becomes much more clear that we have designed our communities for big hunks of steel with rubber tires – not for people. And one of the many bonuses of going carless is traveling with companions so much more often rather than sitting alone in a steel box with windows.
    I’m approaching two years now without a car and it’s working out just fine. Thanks BATA, and all my carpool partners!

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