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TC•DIY (Do It Yourself) Hits The Boardman Lake Trail Bridge


The Boardman Lake Trail Bridge (The People’s Bridge) was constructed in 2009. It was built without consideration of snow removal and so in winters like this current one, it becomes impassable to many users–mainly, to those on wheels and to those not wanting to tromp through deep snow.

Last weekend through TART Trails, local Dr. Tom Auer and a donation of shovels from DeWeese hardware, the DIY snow removal project was launched. On either side of the boardwalk leading up to the bridge people passing-by will see instructions and a shovel. The idea is that if everyone chips in a little effort here and there, then we as a community can keep half of the bridge clear for people on wheels and for easier walking conditions. The other half is being left for those out there who ski, snowshoe or tromp.

I shoveled it on Tuesday after Monday night’s snowfall. It took 25 minutes to complete the entire length, however, not everyone is expected to shovel the entire span. If the snow is light enough, just pushing clear a single lane and leaving the shovel on the other end will help the next volunteer.

It’s an experiment. It’ll be interesting to see the results. Now, it’d be nice if the City would at the least plow the entry trail on the west side from Oryana to the tracks. If you think they need to, please email the city manager and public works director. You might even ask them to pitch in and shovel for 5 minutes.

City Manager: Ben Bifoss•bbifoss@traversecitymi.gov,Robert Cole•RCole@ci.traverse-city.mi.us.

UPDATE: The City attempted to plow the western entrance to the bridge. It was so hard and uneven that it ain’t perfect, but it’s better. Consider a thank you with your email encouragement.




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  1. lcm
    February 10, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    Gary, Thanks for posting this! And thanks for shoveling 🙂

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