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Walking Turtles Is A Downtown Thing, Mr. Thoreau (The Weekly Chatter)

The lunar New Year drive for MyWHaT underwriters is still underway and we’re chipping away at a goal for 10 full underwriters signed on by mid-March.

Interested in becoming an underwriter? Or, do you know a business or organization that might be? Send us a message. As well, smaller contributions are greatly appreciated and easy via the MyWHaT PayPal account.

Again, a big thank you to the 2010 partners: Higher Grounds-Beans by BikeMcClain Cycle & FitnessErway Graphic DesignKrios ConsultingTART Trails, and the Michigan Land Use Institute all were inaugural year contributors.


Weekly Chatter

To start, a collection of chatter addressing sprawl:

Opening line to love -> Suck it, Thoreau”; The Sprawl-ing feedback loop -> Induced Sprawl = induced motorized traffic =Induced Sprawl = ; The Tea Party hates freedom -> Tea-party officials stuck in the “‘burbs”, move to limit freedom;  It’s just basic math -> Reduce miles driven & sprawl by limiting car storage opportunities ; The Hammer connects the dots ->Sprawl demands oil. Demand gives oil companies strength. Strength influences Govt; And, related -> Where Eminem & Chrysler don’t have a clue: real job creation.

In other news…


Grab the turtle… its time for a walk.

To Wrap

The double advantage of bulb-outs, neck-downs and other traffic calming measures in the winter time. This StreetFilms video shows how little of the street we actually need in order to drive our motorized transport pods.

Have a weekend!

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