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You’re Doing The Right Thing, Speak Your Mind

Well Put

You’re doing the right thing. You are a leader, a teacher and a visionary. It’s in your blood to speak to the world–if you don’t let the stuff out, it will manifest and turn to cancer or something…right? All bound up inside and festering…That’s how I like to think about speaking my mind these days. Have to let it out, divert the energy or I get sick 😉

I’ve got your back. Thanks for putting it our there.

~ S.T., a friend indeed

Not sure why I thought of it, but this was sent to me in an email almost a year ago. It was in the early stages of the MyWHaT experiment, the height of the 8th Street controversy and I was thinking, “who the hell am I to be being so damn vocal?

The friend, S.T., sent me this message after an evening of beers and talking shop. I still get the feeling as I consistently questioning my role, my ideas, my assertiveness or lack there of. Or, as is happening more often, other people questioning my role & ideas; calling me out for having an agenda. I’m not certain of the last acquisition as I’ve never hidden my opinion or desired outcome.

In fact, I wish more people spoke their mind and expressed their own ideas and desires and cared enough to actually have an agenda based on improving the community.

Too often, I sit in committees and have to listen to others go on and on about “what the community wants” as if they’ve conducted some scientific poll or they have some unique tab on the vibe of the city. Or worse, they make decisions on what they think is “acceptable” or “doable.”

I want to know:

What do you want for your community?

What do you think is best for your community?

Thank you to all my friends who keep pushing me to step out into the street.

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