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On Air With Vic: Traffic Calming & Other City What-Not

On Tuesday I was on the Vic McCarty Show on AM-1270 talking about traffic calming and traffic in general with Vic and fellow guests Russ Soyring, Traverse City’s planner and Matt Skeels, director of TC-TALUS. Vic has kindly shared the podcast of the show:


Despite Vic not being able to let go of the Hartman-Hammond bridge, I think it was an informative show. In particular, I like Russ’s description of traffic calming measures as a change in the character of a place. Through that change, the goal is create an experience like when we go into a church and we automatically change our behavior and whisper. Similarly, when we drive automobiles through a city, we need to change our behavior and drive slow, aware and smooth.

Effective traffic calming measures reminds us of the context we are driving through.

Also discussed: Division St., South Campus Entrance & briefly the West Boardman Lake Ave.

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