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Don’t Fear High Gas Prices, Fear Single Minded Transportation Policy. (Weekly Chatter)

Sent in from a reader this week, just after they had walked to work:

Just about every day I walk to work. At Division and 7th, I often see cars speeding through the intersection when the light is red. Today the light turned red, my walk light turned white and there were three cars within the space that I as a non-motorized participant view as “the intersection”-the space from crosswalk to crosswalk. The massive danger that people are willing to expose their fellow commuters to to get through the red light is astonishing.

Ugly intersection; ugly behavior. I say, when a car is in your way, jump over it. (Not fully endorsed by the editorial board).

Weekly Chatter


  • RT (@PPS_Placemaking) “the way a community interacts with its immediate environs is a barometer of its social, economic, & political health”
  • RT (@BikeBlogChris) peds hit by cars at 20 mph 95% chance of survival. peds hit by cars at 40 mph 20% chance of survival #UCLAcompletestreets
  • RT (@elizaIO) Speed is the enemy of reflection, compassion, creativity, experience, self-control. @tonyschwartz #wisdom2conf
  • RT (@Velocentric) Odd seeing US Tweeters complain about near $4/gallon gas prices. In the UK we’re paying $10.16 and rising.
  • RT (@brainpicker): “A traffic jam with green cars is still a traffic jam.” Bill Ford

To Wrap

Via M-Bike in the Big-D, the highlighting of another StreetFilms’ film in their series Moving Beyond The Automobile. M-Bike rightly pulls the money quote from Congressman Earl Blumenauer:

It’s important that people have choices. They shouldn’t have to burn a gallon of gas to get a gallon of milk. Half of the trips that are taken everyday in America are within 20 minutes on a bike. A quarter of them are a 20 minute walk.

Have a weekend.

  1. kwhite
    March 7, 2011 at 8:42 am

    I’d like to challenge people to see how many of their errands they can walk (as opposed to “running” errands in an automobile). Ok, so you live in BFE or some other inconvient location? Consolidate your to-do items, grab a backpack, park your car at a central location and walk from task to task. Give it a try; its good exercise for your mind and body. “Burning a gallon of gas to get a gallon of milk” is so sad and so true.

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