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Monday & Tuesday: Engagement Opportunities On Bayfront Plan & Division St.

Two meetings of note today and tomorrow:

I. Bayfront Plan

Tonight is a joint study session of the city commission and the parks and recreation commission. The study session is to discuss the Bayfront Plan process, funding and the direction forward. This is a good opportunity to learn more about the plan and to ask questions of both commissions. Mayor Chris Bzdok recently introduced some of the latest funding opportunities at Plan for TC. The City Commission meeting is tonight, Monday, March 14th at 7:00 p.m. in the Governmental Center. (I serve on the parks and recreation commission and have a scheduling conflict with a matter called work, but look forward to watching the discussion later.)

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II. Division Street

Tomorrow is a meeting of what’s trying to become the Division St. Steering committee. There was one of these meetings back in December that left most who attended without clarity of direction, timeline or process. Tomorrow’s meeting is trying to address some of those lingering and weighty questions, including methods for implementing some of the interim improvements. The agenda and matrix of recommendations will be explored. This meeting is Tuesday, March 15 at 3 PM in the Governmental Center Cafeteria.

Both of the packets are available at the City website or here via the MyWHaT Scribd account.

Joint Study Session of City Commission and Parks and Recreation

Division St. Steering Committee

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