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How Far Are Your Daily Trips?

Graphic Friday

Statistics are from 2001, but the numbers have held up pretty closely over the last 10 years. The above graph was published in the 2008 Bikes Belong edition of Bicycling: Moving America Forward (PDF).

My daily trips frequently total no more than 6-10 miles, if not less, and represents these numbers almost perfectly. It is why I choose to live in a small town. It is easily walkable or bikable and almost inexcusable not to move under my own power. Still, I occasionally do; I’m ok with that. I don’t beat myself up over it and try to be aware of my choices and their impacts.

  • How far are your daily trips? How could you decrease or shorten them?
  • What is in the way of you walking or pedaling for more of your destinations? Would better infrastructure help? A better transit system?
  • Do you just need a new bike?

Click for larger view

From the results, it looks like in 2011, we can expect many of you to bike more, walk more (even if it includes parking in between destinations) and in general driving-less. The numbers are in your favor–giddy-up!

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