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Comfortable Commuter: Gearing Up For Winter Biking-Year 1

EDITOR’S NOTE: First-time contributor Sarna Salzman made a move across town that lengthened her commute by 6 miles. As one of the few people I know in TC who has never owned a personal car and gets quite cranky after being around them for too long, she was left with little choice: gearing-up for winter biking. We will run part II tomorrow morning.

Comfortable Commuter: Gearing Up For Winter Biking-Year 1

– by Sarna Salzman Read: Part II

As a recent convert to ‘winter biker’, I offer you my perspective on making winter a bike friendly season because after my first day, I came home with a powerful appetite and a strong sense of liberation. I would like to help others like me feel comfortable making a similar move.

The author navigating the 8th & Garfield intersection (photo: glhowe)

Let me back up and say, I’m pretty much a scaredy-cat when it comes to biking.

I don’t like being near cars and I don’t like to fall. I am not one of those ‘sporty’ types. I don’t get excited to loop up-and-down Old Mission after work or travel in circles through Leelanau County. I don’t enter races and I certainly don’t do triathlons. Also, when I’m on my bike, I’m in street clothes not spandex.

I love bicycles. They are the most efficient form of transportation humans have ever invented. I’m a commuter and I ride my bike to get somewhere. That’s pretty much it.

The Big Move That Forced The Issue

I recently moved into a house with my partner on the very east end of Traverse City. Moving from the castle at Minervini-ville (The Grand Traverse Commons) took some convincing, not the least of which was that I had to give up my 4 minute walk-commute to my office, which is also at the Commons. The new 6-mile round-trip commute is a bit longer than I will willingly walk…on a regular basis. Yes, I’m experienced at organizing carpools for myself and yes, I am familiar with the BATA Cherriot. Still, once the snow started flying, I found myself ‘borrowing’ my partner’s car nearly every day for the commute. There are some strong positives for commuting by car: it’s warm, you can style your hair in an ‘up-do’ and wear long skirts. Still, not something I want to do everyday.

I needed a bike.


NOTE: To be continued…(shopping can be complicated)

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    March 25, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    Interested in reading more about it…

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