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The Power Of A 10-Year Old, Cities And Brains, A Planner’s Wisdom And More Zig-Zags (Weekly Chatter)

At Issue this week: TC’s proposed Boardman Lake Ave.

Weekly Chatter

The essential key is to restore the human habitat in our town centers. So that pedestrians are not inconvenienced or in danger. So that going for a walk is a joy.”

Division is so vehicular in terms of traffic count and makeup really make it impossible to create a great retail environment.


  • RT (@Fred_Kent) Placemaking is all about a redefinition around local values & assets, creating authentic public destinations.
  • RT (@Jnoubiyeh) A revolution is an awakening; a sleeping people cannot accomplish a paradigm shift.
  • RT (@srdailey) I don’t understand people whose sole concern is to make sure none of their tax dollars benefit anyone other than themselves.
  • RT (@themunson) Lady told me to get off the street and onto the sidewalk. Bumper sticker on her Prius said “We’re all in this together.”

The Wrap

Last week in The Wrap, we introduced a Virginia study measuring the effectiveness of zig-zag stripping to slow traffic as it approaches ped and trail crossings. This week, more zig and zag!

This time in Chicago where they are adding an additional optical illusion element to the markings. These look more clean and controlled and, I’d imagine, even more effective. I’ve tried to get this idea into the hands of Traverse City planning and engineering. Response from planning is good, response from engineering is… suspicious.  (photo and video by Steve Vance)

Have a weekend! (If you’re at the Michigan Bike Summit tomorrow, say hello.)


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