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The Pitch From LA’s Metro As Car-Culture Expanded In The 1950’s

Video Tuesday

The Unstrung Man” via cartoonbrew.com

Driving is stressful, why not take the bus! I love this simple message and it was ahead of its time with efficient messaging–just 20 seconds. I could see an updated version of these titled the “The Online Man and Woman” touting hands-free commuting, “clear those messages before you even reach the office!

Not often that we associate the City of Los Angles with public transportation, but in the 1950’s is when car-culture really started kicking in and public transport was being squeezed out; public transit had to hire the ad men.

The following article from 1956 explains the production and use of these ads:  The Metro Coach News (pdf). Interesting to note that the article begins by basically building the case for advertising on television, where these ads ran, because of the use of sight and sound together.

Another approach, preserving that car, titled, “The Wax Man.”





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