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A Baaaa-d-Ass Traffic Calming Device

I’ve mentioned to some how I dream of a day when Traverse City has a city-shepherd who herds sheep from park to park to “mow” the grass and along the way has absolute right of way on city streets. Hit a sheep, go to jail. I’m nuts, I know, but there are cities that do hire sheep–Turin, Italy and Curitiba, Brazil are the most celebrated. I’ve also talked to shepherd Dick Seelye of Seelye Farms in Hersey, Michigan who recalls a time when the City of Clare used to hire a shepherd to mow the grass around the town’s water treatment plant–so, I’m not way off.

For the bigger picture, perhaps we just need a little inspiration. Something like these traffic sheep seen on Inhabit.com could be used to start the movement and be used to manage & calm traffic.

“Look out, sheep in the street!”

Each sheep is bathed in a bright and reflective color, forming a flock that calls for greater driver attention and the much appropriate stop. The sheep are also multifunctional pieces that can be used as a benches, interior decor, sign holders, flowerpots and more! ”

These Traffic Sheep were designed by Christophe Machet for the Municipality of Gland, Switzerland.

Read more: Traffic Sheep Barricades Will Get Any Speed Demon to Slow Down | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World


What do you think? Is your city ready?

  1. Joe
    April 13, 2011 at 8:37 am

    How do they stack up?

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