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In The Name Of Safety, Responsibility & Accountability Go A Long Way (The Weekly Chatter)

James at The Urban Country blog gets to the root of the matter of accountability and responsibility for our actions in the shared space of the streets. Ending with, “I once heard someone say that drivers should drive as though their car is covered with bombs and the car would blow up on contact with any other object. It’s hard to go wrong with that mentality.

Earlier this week, I asked MyWHaT readers to take this simple pledge:

I solemnly pledge to behave as considerately as possible no matter how I get around.

It won’t hurt to do so. TAKE THE PLEDGE.


 Weekly Chatter

For five consecutive weeks, Americans have bought less gas than they did a year earlier, according to MasterCard Spending Pulse, which tracks the volume of gas sold at 140,000 service stations nationwide.

  • Considering cycle-commute? How safe is it? Comparatively–amazingly safe, more so than walking, ouch… (Copenhagenize)        –>  –>

A community’s resilience is its social capital, which includes the physical infrastructure, and culturally embedded patterns of interdependence that keep people connected.”


  • RT (GreatLakesGuy) Lighter, quicker and cheaper on the Buffalo waterfront
  • RT (stevemouzon) The Department of Transportation, in its single-minded pursuit of traffic flow, has destroyed more American towns than Sherman ~Andrés Duany
  • RT (liveablelondon ) Quote 1 “If grown men feel the need for helmets and cameras then what hope is there for a child who wants to cycle to school?”#streettalks
  • RT (nitramluap )I’m a driver; a cyclist; and a doctor. I sometimes run red lights on my#bicycle (never in a car) – Fact: it is sometimes safer to do so.
  • RT (tomvanderbilt ) ‘You start out a Wunderkind, then you find out you’re just a goddam punk.’ James M. Cain, Mildred Pierce.

To Wrap

CicLAvia: Los Angeles Goes Carfree (for a day), and it went “just fine.” (Auto World) and is just another sign that cycling is becoming really cool (Gas 2.0).

A video glimpse of the action by Nicholas Dahmann

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/22216972]

(Technically difficulties-video player may not show-CicLAvia video here)

Have a Weekend.

  1. April 16, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    Love the “bomb covered car” thought, but quite frankly I would settle a lot of the time for people driving as if they were driving.

    So many people I see are paying almost zero attention and in such a hurry that they’re through traffic lights 20 yards before they get to them.

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