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Two Photographers Play In The Street & Nobody Gets Hurt

MyWHaT Get’s A Little Promotion

This is my favorite shot from the NW Michigan’s Second Wave feature of your’s truly. The image captures elements of almost everything this blogging endeavor tries to promote. Namely, the idea that the streets are an extension of our living space. And, despite what many might believe, it even shows how welcoming I am to car traffic. I’m inviting them into my home:

Come on in. Wipe your feet and take it slow.

Photo by Brian Confer

I appreciate the article as well. As Brian told me, “it makes you sound smart” (not sure how to take that), but more importantly it portrays the broad philosophy well by connecting it to a few local issues and gives a shout out to MyWHaT partners TART Trails, Michigan Complete Streets Coalition and even city commissioner Jim Carruthers chimes in. Thank you to writer Heidi Lovy for leaving out all the ranting!

Reclaim the Streets: The Shoot

For this Reclaim the Streets themed concept we simply dragged some of my furniture into the street, gathered a few of my favorite books and wheeled the Flying Pigeon around. Brian took care of the rest with his excellent sense for lighting and mood. Other than a reschedule because of too much sun and blue sky, it went smooth. No one hurt, no one delayed.

Brian unpacking the gear (below) and then (right) thinking hard about how to “light this thing.”

As he taught me, “wing it.” Always.

* Old school social networking: TC’s Gary Howe wants to build a truly connected city (Second Wave)

* StudioBphoto (Brian Confer)

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