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2011 Division St. Construction & The On Going Long-term Initiative

Division Street Open House

From 4-7 pm, tomorrow, Wednesday April 27th, MDOT will be presenting the plans for the 2011 construction along Traverse City’s Division St. from Grandview parkway to Griffin St. just north of 14th St., details below.

The aim of the open house is to:

  • Layout the schedule of the construction, which will reduce the usability of Division St. for portions of the summer and fall.
  • Describe and highlight on the map, where the repairs are located.

The scope of the 2011 project is primarily a mill and fill to improve the surface. Also included, joint repairs (which reduce shaking on adjacent homes when trucks go by), crosswalk upgrades and additions in places, as well as some sidewalk improvements. It is not a complete re-imagining of the street, however, there is work happening on longer term fixes.

To respond to a lot of comments I hear around town, the concept of modern roundabouts on Division St. is not dead; there has been progress, but it isn’t and was never intended to happen in 2011. –>

The Long-term Division Street Initiative

Last year the City did undertake a more comprehensive process for Division St. to get a recommendation on how to ameliorate a litany of community needs and issues with the road. Out of that process, as many of you know, a proposal for a series of 5 modern roundabouts was recommended. As mentioned above, that process is continuing. There is a citizen-led committee that is working towards recommendations to the City.

There are two fronts to that process:

  1. Recommendations for improvements that could happen in the short-term with a little investment and creativity. Things like sidewalks, human scaled street-lighting and planting of trees to influence speeds. Many of these could happen anytime we find the mojo to do so.
  2. Long-term recommendations that address the key concerns of motorized traffic behavior and providing improved access through the corridor for people on foot or on wheels.  Likely to come out of this process, is a first choice intersection for the City to focus on and a recommendation on how to handle the use of adjacent parkland.
If you’d like to be kept informed of future meetings pertaining to Division St. you may request to be added to the Division St. email list via email at tcmanage@traversecitymi.gov

Tomorrow’s Division St. Open House

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